October 06, 2005

Jackson Does Halo. The LOTR director has agreed to take on the film version of the popular game.

Any speculation on who'll be involved in the GTA movie?

  • He's only executive producer, not director. Of course, this means he'll choose a director that he likes, which theoretically means it'll be almost the same as a Jackson-directed flick. As I said on #mofirc yesterday, I'll only see it if they use the scripts from Red vs Blue.
  • Any monkeys play Halo on XBox Live? I'll have my old name back soon (KnownQuotient), but until then I play doubles and skirmish on the weekends as KingVermin with my pals Cat Tuba and dave brown.
  • are you sure that's the name you use?? because neither kingvermin nor king vermin don't exist according to live.
  • What ARE you talking about, little wippersnappers!? *harrumphs / goes back to reading The Times*
  • Hrm, is it case sensitive? If so, then it is technically "KingVermin" I believe. It is the house account, so generally if it is on during the week it isn't me.
  • They make movies based on television shows, songs, and video games. Soon they will make movies based on television commercials and advertising slogans. I am holding out until they make a movie based on my deodorant (Speed Stick: The Movie, followed by Speed Stick II: Open Arms).
  • An NPR program this week had a report about how new West Point recruits who played America's Army outscored all the other recruits who did not. Of course I can't find anything at npr.org.
  • More specifically, Jackson agreed to be an Executive Producer for Halo, and that can mean everything from real day-to-day keeping up with the business of the production to seeing a couple rough cuts and offering notes, in exchange for a check with a bunch of zeroes on it and the production's rights to say "Peter Jackson Presents" above the title.
  • What ever happened to PJ's King Kong? I saw a flurry of activity surrounding it, including too many trailer viewings, and now ... nothing.
  • King Kong's still out there. That was just the initial buzz-generating blitz of previews--standard procedure for a movie that has a lot of money but isn't coming out for a while yet. It's still in post-production. As for Jackson picking up Halo: at least it's not Uwe Boll.
  • Soon they will make movies based on television commercials and advertising slogans It's been done.
  • Kong's up for a Christmas release, I think.
  • chimera: Most likely securing work for Weta studios is a big consideration. He's got a lotta talent assembled and will want to find ways to hand onto it until he needs people for his next project. techsmith: You can follow the project site if you're really interested, including video blogging of the making of.
  • Makes perfect sense, rodgerd. That's another oft-used method for people to get work into their own studios, a quid pro quo that says "you can use me to promote your film if you hire my effects shop."
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