October 01, 2005

More Bali Bombings. Do we have any Bali monkeys on board? Please let us know you're okay.

And I know this isn't the right time, but isn't it crazy that the Indonesian news station is SCTV?

  • Are you sure, I just surfed each TV channel and there was no mention?
  • Australians had warnings yesterday to avoid all non-essential travel to Indonesia, But then again they would have to listen/believe/trust Downer.
  • Okay, after more investigation this looks to be confirmed. Fuck.
  • [...] isn't it crazy that the Indonesian news station is SCTV? [your point]---> [my head]
  • SCTV = Second City TV, a Canadian sketch comedy show from the early 80's, starring John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara, Harold Ramis, Dave Thomas and Martin Short.
  • ... I missed the last one by two hours, and luckily not in Indonesia this time. I've been too painfully close to far too many terrorist acts... And this news just sucks.
  • One of the bombs went off at an outdoor beach restaurant in Jimbaran where my wife and I enjoyed a memorable and romantic dinner (and the best chili crab ever) on the first night of our honeymoon... Damn, this makes me sad... (Just heard this news, quite delayed, as we happened to be eating in an Indonesian restaurant of all places).
  • BBC news: 25 dead, 100 injured.
    My very best wishes to the injured, and my thoughts with the bereaved. Memo to proto-terrorists: THERE IS NO AFTERLIFE. After blowing up, you will CEASE TO BE.
  • Also note the timing of these bombings, days before the start of Ramadan. There's been talk of potential attacks on Jakarta nightclubs that choose to stay open during Ramadan (clubs located within luxury hotels are exempt from new laws aimed at nightclubs: Both Bylaw No. 10/2004 on tourism and Gubernatorial Decree No. 98/2004 on the operation of tourist-related businesses in Jakarta ban nightclubs, discotheques, saunas, massage parlors, amusement centers and bars from operating during Ramadhan). Pure speculation, but the timing does seem suspect to me...
  • Sad, angry, and frustrated. As Chaz said, wishes of a good recovery to the injured and comfort for the bereaved.
  • This is so sad. No words, except to those affected: I have the best wishes going out right now. I'm tired of this shit. But of course, I could be the next innocent victim.
  • And, amen, Chaz, as sorry as I am to have to say it.
  • Yay he is so cool ignorant wanqur.