February 13, 2004

Enchanted Ceiling : a photoblog
  • (corrected link) Looks like there's some beautiful pictures on there. Nice post. I really am a sucker for a skyscaper (if thats a word).
  • I meant a sky-scape, by the way.
  • Lovely. Thank you.
  • I think I'm going to waste all night on this. Its bloody excellent.
  • oh god. I'm drunk. far too much beer. drunk nice picturews. drunk.
  • As much as I love these *scapes, with the advent of digital manipulation, I just can't be sure. In any case, some of them are awesome.
  • Seconded, tellurian. I haven't taken photos of anything outside the house in weeks, and these are certainly inspirational.
  • Riding BART into work this morning, earlier than usual. The train emerges aboveground at MacArthur Station, and the sky was an irridescent golden-apricot color. All the riders looked up from their newspapers and turned to stare out the window. I had one of those humbling I-am-insignificant-blob-on-tiny-planet moments. This website captures it, over and over. [bananas to anastasiav]