February 13, 2004

The history of Tetris. Probably the most played computer game ever (although Super Mario Bros or Space invaders might beat it), Tetris is currently the subject of a documentary on BBC4 (BBC news companion piece). Of more interest, maybe, is the Tetris Taxonomy, with its comprehensive look at the pieces, moves, and even the philosophy in the game.

I never did get to see Tetris: The Motion Picture, either.

  • [This is good] ... or do you do that here?
  • Yeah. Thanks. (Some of the monkeys say [banana], too. Monkeys are strange, though.)
  • No Tetris thread would be complete without a link to this. (mpg file). Un-freakin-believable.
  • That link doesn't work, Kimberly. Or, at least, it doesn't for me.
  • daaammiiit! It worked yesterday. (Bad me for not actually clicking the link today) I will google. It was a film of Tetris finals where the guy was playing at lightning speed. It blew my mind.
  • here :)
  • Holy fucking shit.
  • Yeah. I used to think I was good at Tetris.
  • *watches in bemused horror* Yeah, I thought I was good too. Mind you, I also thought I was good at DDR until I actually watched someone else do it.
  • [block banana] the secret to tetris's appeal, it seems to me, is that you can't win. They didn't show terminator dude losing, but you know he did. He lost. There is no hope. Resistance is futile.
  • Just seen the video clip. Holy Fucking Shit!! Please tell me that was speeded up?
  • Is it just me, or was anyone else really, really stressed-out watching that video. My heart's still racing.
  • Even the background was trying to kill the poor bastard. All those moving gears. Urgh.