July 25, 2005

Cadillac Man is "homeless." He had 10 pages of his writing recently featured in Esquire magazine. Sometimes you never know where life will take you... [Second link has the entire Esquire piece for free]

I'm proud to say he is a neighbor. He's working on his autobiography, and a documentary is in the works. A couple notable quotes from the above articles: ""My book will be published some day and people will learn from it. Maybe treat us differently." "I have been urinated on because some people find that amusing and I've been shot at for the same reason, I have been given food mixed with bleach and food with scouring powder as garnish, I have fought dozens of fights using fists, feet, knees, elbows, blackjacks, ice picks, tire irons, chains, pipes, bricks, cans of soda, rocks, M-80 explosives, garbage cans, and even other people as weapons, never guns."

  • Free as in 'sign up for a 30-day free trial'...
  • I didn't sign up for anything and I have access to the full article. I got to it by doing a google search. When I tried the link in a different browser, it didn't work - - so I'm completely stumped! Apologies...!! *hangs head* *sigh*
  • Interesting story, and the excerpt is a good read. This guy isn't going to be anonymous long, though.
  • Damn, you can't get to the full story without filling out billing info (you won't be billed for 30 days!). I wanna read the story! For free! Gimme gimme gimme! Still an interesting post though ... maybe I'll read the full article while standing in the checkout line at Safeway. Or wait! I could tear the pages out!
  • Sorry to tease everyone with the bum "free" link. I'm at work now, and of course now it doesn't work. Gah! I'm still perplexed how I managed to get the full article on my computer at home. Sheesh! I will be happy to cut 'n paste the full text, and slap it up somewhere if anyone's interested. I would be able to do that a few hours from now.
  • A what link? Have you been talking to cynnbad?
  • Shhhh...
  • Ok, I just typed in a bogus email address and password in the registration form. Didn't fill out any other info (address, credit card, etc). I clicked the link, it didn't work. But 5 minutes later, I clicked the link again and it works!!! WTF? Cookie madness of sorts I presume. Anyway, if anyone's interested in the full article, it seems that you will be rewarded with a little patience.
  • also, bugmenot works veddy noicely.
  • Yeah,the link works for me now, too.
  • Definitely something I'd like to read if I could get in. I didn't realise you were right next door to homelessness, sugarmilktea. Perhaps we could start a monkey benign society for you.