February 11, 2004

1 Player Online Scrabble. (via Spike Magazine)
  • I used to be completely addicted to the Internet Scrabble Club (online two-player scrabble).
  • Thanks. I'll look into that - if I can get up the courage. My scrabble skills are pretty damn poor. (Also, the Scrabble I linked in the front page post is shit. I really shouldn't have posted it. It doesn't actually recognise plurals, which is pretty poor. They really should have bought the Scrabble dictionary and plugged all the words in that into their database. Sorry, everyone, I should have played on it a bit longer before posting, I suppose.)
  • Try the big dictionary, which does.
  • Cool. I played "VOMIT" on my first round.
  • I played "fecchold". Fie thee!
  • Try the big dictionary, which does. So it does. Cheers.