February 11, 2004

Have a nice cuppa. And while you're at it, admire the hard work of the scientists struggling to help you make the perfect food. Perfect so long as you aren't a vegan, that is.
  • Breakfast is my favorite meal, and toast( and toaster pastries) pretty much is the Grail. Real strawberry jam and unsalted butter on day-old sourdough with a big glass of Ovaltine or three makes an excellent case for why my ass is the size of a Volkswagen. But it tastes so good. Beep- beep!
  • BBF's steps to a perfect cuppa: 1) Find cleanish mug. Wipe the worst of the grime off with a finger. 2) Heat water. 3) Find last teabag in bottom of tin, covered in coffee granules, mould and God knows what. 4) Drop in water. 5) Stir a bit with a teaspoon (dirty). 6) Take teabag out, drop teabag on floor, pick teabag up, drop in sink, wipe splashes on floor with foot. 7) Add a bit of milk that's been left on the side since Thursday. 8) Enjoy!
  • I'd rather have a cup of tea than go to bed with someone -- any day. There may be some have trouble choking this down. Aye, well, I'm fond of chokes, myself.
  • I want this man's job: Dr Fisher [...] was commissioned to find the perfect cheese sandwich recipe by the British Cheese Council.
  • Goetter - one could make a career out of sandwiches, alone. What kind of bread is perfect for which cheese? Toasted (in a frying pan with butter) or au natural? If toasted, garlic butter, regular butter, or will alternative spreads work? So many possibilities, and we haven't even gotten into cold cuts or peanut butter, etc.