February 11, 2004

'It's the monkey or me' Redemption for two double posts in one week. A story of a pop idol, his wife, and the monkey that... tore them apart
  • God I hope this is true...
  • ...if only so I can believe Wolfgang Poggendorf is a real person.
  • It high time someone stood up for us monkeys.
  • rustcellar, looks like Mr P is a real person [second item].
  • It's like a movie of the week - but with more monkey! Of the genus Papio! /monkey anorak
  • Isn't anybody else going to laugh at the 62- year-old "pop star"?
  • You leave Tom Jones alone!!
  • T.J. Respec.
  • >>"Susanne is welcome to stay. But only if she accepts the monkey." ladies and gentlemen, the essence of marriage in two easy-to-comprehend sentences. it all comes down to whether or not you can accept your spouse's monkeys.