February 11, 2004

Theory On the Bogus Nigerian Yellowcake Uranium Rodger A. Payne's has a theory on the bogus yellowcake uranium document that Joseph C. Wilson debunked to sheds. Payne's theory is plausible. He links to Symour Hersh's and Josh Marshall's thoughts on the subject. It sounds like Marshall is about to crack the story open. Is it just me or is Bush starting to look really beatable. He's got all these scandals on national security going on at once. If he looses the national security issue, I don't see what else he has to run on.
  • Myself, I see the anti-steroid campaign as being a probable election winner. Payne has an interesting set of facts, but - as you kinda say - the dots aren't exactly what you'd call joined yet. Could be really interesting if a few more Hersh-ey articles come out, if they get into this in depth. But if not, Bush et al won't exactly need a Hutton to bury it all. However, as you say, based on the State of the Onion and Meet the Press and basically ever other bloody thing Bush's done for the past month... yup, he's running on war and terrorists, and buggerall else. And that would be one beautiful, intricately weaved rug to sweep from under his feet now, wouldn't it?
  • The bit that really leapt out at me was that the Iran-Contra conduit was recruited around the CIA, who wanted nothing to do with him. That has to be a big risk for the attempts to pin it all on the intelligence agencies; here we have what apppears to be an example of the CIA rejecting a source as known-unreliable, while political operatives draw on him because they like what they hear.
  • Whenever I read "Yellowcake Uranium" I think of those little blocks of soap you get in urinals.
  • Silberman is heading the WMD Commission. I wonder if he get any tips from Lord Hutton.
  • Aha!
  • Homunculus, Clinton pushed the Terrorism Bill (which the ACLU hated) and he stopped Saddam from killing Dubya dad's. That dog won't hunt. Every time the Republicans go after Clinton they stumble. For the record, that bill had the secret evidence crap that defense attorney couldn't see. Clinton should get blamed for that.
  • Oh, Sullivan, don't you realise that EVERYTHING WRONG IN THE WORLD IS ENTIRELY THE FAULT OF BILL CLINTON? EVERYTHING!!! Janet Jackson's nipple, for example. All his fault. And AIDS. And the fact that they didn't include the Scouring of the Shire. And he's left my fucking fridge door open again. Bastard.
  • Actually, flashboy, HILLARY is responsible for AIDS. Get it right.
  • We did establish that Janet Jackson's nipple is a weapon of mass destruction.
  • If Jackson's nipple and Clinton's penis were to combine forces, we'd all be doomed!
  • *vainly tries to block out hideous image*
  • Political porn. Settle everything with sex midgets dressed as various leaders and lots of lube. Have wrestling announcers for the matches. "...and it looks like Liebermans going down for the count!"
  • Well, that's my nightmares sorted out for the next month or so, then. Excellent. Keep the images coming, people, bring 'em on...
  • Okay.
  • Thanks dude.
  • *Diet Coke (Vanilla), meet Keyboard. Keyboard, this is Diet Coke (Vanilla). Hope you get on well.*
  • Beautiful dng. Suddenly I realized my Cheny wasn't wearing any pants... Heh. Now I can claim impartiality.
  • Wow. How did I miss that in preview? Cheney not Cheny.