February 10, 2004

The Meaning of Life Everyone (including) tells me how great this link is. What am I missing here? Some interesting art, baaaaaaaaaad poetry, and old, O*L*-D, WAY OLD absolutely ORFFAL rock&roll to inspire you. Monkey chatter?
  • Broken URL.
  • >>Enter these doors of perception only if you are not comfortable at your present level of (un)consciousness... like, wow, man. hang on, gotta light my incense...
  • What you're missing is that you're not a balding, pony-tailed, sandal-wearing, pot-bellied, self-help-loving, drum-playing, Andrew Weil wannabe. Fuck, I need to break something. NOW.
  • Argh, that artwork is like Thomas Kinkade meets every maker of bad fairy prints or Franklin Mint plates ever. That site must be a hit for anyone who bought Chicken Soup for the Soul. I prefer Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy myself.
  • Relatively common message of hope; really, really, really, REALLY bad delivery.
  • ORFFAL? After it didn't register in google I realized you perhaps were writing "awful" with an accent?
  • "I find the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard an inspiration. Also, go see Battlefield Earth, it's rooly rooly excellent!"
  • Now we have the answer to this riddle: *drumroll* Wot is more OFFAL than a peekaboo latrine in Upper Pisang?
  • ARRRGH!! Just kill me now. I can't believe I uck fupped the URL. Humble and profuse thanks for the save, goetter. Say, stripe, orrfal DIDN'T register in Google? Well, it ottar have. Yea, it was a sad attempt at an Idaho portmanteau combining offal and awful (to be said with a faux Ynglish accent) I'm thrilled you found the art as (ahem) *interesting* as I did, tracicle. Your analysis of that particular school is spot on. Darling beeswacky! One word: Wheatabix Since I'm female, goetter, perhaps what you meant to say was that I, myself, was missing "a balding, pony-tailed, sandal-wearing, pot-bellied, self-help-loving, drum-playing, Andrew Weil wannabe." One moment, I can smell the incense, and I gotta go check out SideDish. Peace.
  • I like the pretty pictures.
  • *...darling beeswacky...* Ah, BlueHorse -- ottar of roses to my favorite monkey poet! [But I must must {figureatively} fling poo at this weetabixture. May I recommend instead the Iced Clootie Dumpling Parfait?
  • Yes, BlueHoss, I guess you're safe from ever being mistaken for the herb-hawking lamoid. Damn this Y chromosome of mine.