February 10, 2004

The Bathroom Diaries Would that I had known of this resource when I lived in NYC.
  • This site, distilled: 1) Barnes and Nobles, GOOD. 2) Public Libraries, BAD.
  • Excellent link. My time in Ireland might have benefitted from reading this.
  • the bathrooms in morocco are FRIGHTENING. that's all i'll say about that.
  • MacDonalds and Starbucks not good enough for fancy Manhattan asses?
  • In which the Inquisitive may learn that the only thing more appaling than a hole in a well-fouled floor is a window where passing extroverts may greet you while you use the facility. ...Wot, Upper Pisang?!?..is this a joke?
  • wow. upper pisang may have lousy bathrooms and a regrettable name, but it is gorgeous! mofi meetup in upper pisang!!!
  • Interesting concept, but open to abuse. In the Bombay, India section: Churchgate station, "celebrity sightings", my foot. The only celebrities to be sighted at Churchgate station are foreign ones, on their first trip to India.
  • Yay! My alma mater won a Golden Plunger! I guess that this is what a Cerebral Experience looks like. What a claim to fame! I wonder if this will go into the brochure. Yeah, that would really win the parents over.