February 10, 2004

The Candy Wrapper Museum. Old Favorites and Strange New Ones.

My Grandpa was a "Snickers" Man. My Daddy was a "Snickers" Man. I tried the "Three Musketeers" thing in my youth, But now I'm a "Snickers" Man too...

  • I used to be a Marathon man, myself. Damn globalisation.
  • Also, why is Cadbury's Buttons a quaint British name.
  • dng--- We had Marathon bars in the States too, but our mascot was a loud, rather fey cowboy who would jump out and yell, "Marathon! Lasts an AWFULLY long time!YAHOOOO!!!" and then bound out of frame like a coked-up club kid circa '77... Re: 'the quaintness' of the Brits-- Dairy Milk? What other kinda milk is there? (this is presupposing most Yanks haven't heard of soy milk,etc...) It is like saying "Vito's 'Pasta Spaghetti". Just not right,man!
  • The Popeye cigarettes aren't just French - we had them in Canada too. PC being what it is, they are now just called "candy sticks" but when I was little, they were candy cigarettes. I may be imagining this, but they might have also had one red end, and some powder inside that looked like smoke when it came out.
  • partial derail-- as long as we're on the subject of food and Canada, my new FAVE FOOD is Weetabix! I'm eating this twice a day sometimes! And just saying the word "Weetabix" fills me with wholesome delight! I'm moving to Massachussets on the first of the month, and will be living less than 30 minutes away from where they make the American version. I'm thinking about taking a plant tour... I am 100% serious. Am I weird?
  • Yes - that stuff looks .... so unappetizing. I can't bring myself to try it. Now mini-wheats? Cereal of the gods. Especially the maple and brown suger version that was evilly discontinued.
  • I like the Mr. T gold chain chewing gum. Don't we all pity the fool?
  • Wait...I lived in California for almost four years and couldn't find an American version of Weetabix (or Weetbix in NZ). What's it called, Diz?
  • I think the American's are only just getting Weetabix, tracicle.
  • >>my new FAVE FOOD is Weetabix! I'm eating this twice a day sometimes! um... what do your tummy and intestines think about your new hobby? heh. yes weetabix is indeed a very fun name! i discovered that in the south pacific, topped with ultra-homogenized milk in a box that could be stored for months. hurray for weetabix!
  • Ugh, SideDish, UHT milk is foul! You probably got the wonderful Weetbix, which IMO is slightly better than the British Weetabix. ;)
  • tra, that milk fascinated me!!! actually all the food down there is interesting, you get all these great lovely fresh fruits and then fatty CANNED MEATSTUFF. ewwww. no room for cattle! oh! and i ate worm sperm! really! tastes like scrambled eggs. this was in western samoa, down your way...
  • here you go, diz, a weetabix fix for you. isn't that just so... cough... appetizing looking!! pile o' weetabix. ha!
  • Worm sperm...? Those crazy Samoans. We only eat grubs here.
  • And difference in the end result between Wheetabix and a PLOPP candy bar would be . . .? Is the weight on the Full Dinner really 15 oz? It would save on the tedious chore of having to eat a big bag of M&Ms one by one for dinner if it were only true.
  • Trac-- The box I'm holding in my hand says "Organic Weetabix, by appointment to her Majesty blah blah blah", Product of Canada, distributed by the Weetabix Co, Clinton , MASSACHUSSETS, which is whgere I start getting confused, because their website says they now make them close to me in Clinton, yet it is still a product of Canada(?) Please advise. Oh. My intestines love the workout their getting, but my cat is worried I'll start using his box.
  • workout THEY'RE getting...
  • It only says Clinton distributes them, meaning they're the buying/selling agents in the US.
  • >>Weetabix, by appointment to her Majesty OOOO!!! i love it when She does that, makes appointments for Weetabix! you guys are so lucky you have her Majesty. we only have purple mountains majesty.
  • That Old Lady Queen: "Oh, Bixy! Bixxxxy! Weetabix, the Cereal For Busy People: "Yes, Your Majesty?" That Old Lady Queen: "You're having lunch with the Vauxhall Cucumber-Slicers Union at noon, then you'll dash off in our Aston for your weekly quicky with Ms. Hostess Suzie Q, and then you'll have a satisfying nap." Weetabix, The Cereal For busy People: Yes, mum. Thank you, mum.
  • By appointment means that the product is good enough that the Queen, who really doesn't have to watch her budget much, buys it. It means they have a special royal contract or something - the language goes way back and it is a great honour. And the Queen seems to have good taste - Carr's water biscuits are really good, and that make is royally appointed (or whatever you call it) too.
  • jb-- Thanks for the info. In a fair fight, who would win--Weetabix or Carr's water biscuit? MY money's on the WB, because if the Carr's "Water" biscuit DID contain any water, he could get the 'Bix in one of those Greco-Roman reallycloseholds, and then WB would become instantly mushy and unfit to wrestle. Point Carr's. HOWEVER, as we all know, that dried up ol' Carr's biscuit is as arid as a good Martini, so by sheer reach and weight, not to mention that products with an "X" in them are really made of secret titanium and stuff, I'd have to say Advantage Weetabix. Please advise, as we'll need your input for publication in the Spring issue of "Cereal and Biscuit Quarterly".