February 09, 2004

Go on, be a punk! Okay, I have a new time waster, this little bit o' Flash silliness allows you to crank out a punk ditty of your own creation. Plus, as an added bonus, you get weird cut scenes with blue penguins. Perhaps I'm just having a slow day... WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS! NOT WORKSAFE WITHOUT HEADPHONES!
  • I just made Funeral for a Friend's next album.
  • dude, nickelodeon sucks donkey balls, dude.
  • Nickelodeon brought us Zim. Which means that unless the executives go on a massive shooting spree they can do no wrong. Zim, all the doom and three times the laughs of the next world conquering alien.
  • just quoting pez.
  • Nickelodeon completely fwarked Ren and Stimpy. So, er, fwark them.