July 01, 2005

Hail the Emperor! "Perpetuation of the Byzantine Idea incarnated in a Dynasty . . . living evidence spanning some 350 years." But some disagree.
  • Actually, the quidnunc kid is the only authorized pretender to all thrones, both ancient and modern.
  • And a 69th degree Mason also, no doubt!
  • What is it about insane people that makes it impossible for them to summarize?
  • If you go to Crete and do the popular walk down the Samaria Gorge, at one point you come to a small collection of ruined buildings. "Oh," said the guide, "Yes, these houses used to be inhabited by people who were the descendants of Byzantines. They'd been here for about five hundred years, ever since Byzantium fell. But a while ago the Government moved them all out." "Why was that?" "Oh, they needed it for the goats. Well, they are special goats in this gorge, you know."