February 09, 2004

No longer do you need to have that awkward breakup talk. If you've had enough of your significant other, send them a DumpMonkey!
  • "'Ask yourself: what
  • ha! that made me laugh, thnx!
  • My boyfriend sent me that link and I told him if he ever tried breaking up with me this way I'd have to torture him before I killed him.
  • While I would never break up with Kimberly (forever and ever -- you'll never be alone), I think it would be worth it to use on someone. I've dated some real pieces of work in my time, and that's who I would have used this on.
  • Kimberly, you might want to keep that link handy for future extraction needs. Nothin' but love jim_t, nothin' but love.
  • I suppose it's better than a MonkeyDump (right click to save to desktop).
  • *grumbles* Where the hell was this 6 months ago, when it would have done me some good?!