July 01, 2005

Brown Fido. "Yes, after years and years of cleaning up after our own dogs and then seeing what was available in the form of FAKE DOG POOP, we discovered that most FAKE DOG POOP doesn't really look like what we were cleaning up. SO, about 10 years ago we set on a quest to make the best FAKE DOG POOP ever!"
  • This is shit.
  • What I really want is *real* shit coated in lucite.
  • Apparently, the only thing we can't really build any better is a mousetrap.
  • What I like are the alphabet poops. That must be one smart fake dog.
  • That's nothing. WATCH THIS!
  • They're on a mission from Gahd?
  • Whatever do folk do with fake dog poo? Before guests come we spell "welcome' on the guestroom floor in hopes they never come back any more.