June 30, 2005

"Have you ever been in love?" Watch the video, listen to the songs. Cringe. Giggle. Add some Pizazz to your life. (Potentially NSFW, headphones suggested)
  • OMG WTF?! Erasure threw up on the internets!!!!! and crap... I think my Gaydar asploded....
  • I'm still gonna have that damn pizazz song in my head all night tho'
  • Hey, guys! We have a great new song called a2m (Ass to Mouth) quality entertainment indeed! i thought it said, "Add some pizza to your life." mmm. pizza.
  • I think my gaydar assploded...
  • I will never forgive you for getting that in my head.
  • can't breathe can't stop laughing must unknot shirt Screw the M-80's | Caution! Poisonous!
  • proof that the xbox is teh ghey....
  • Dude, at least Erasure could sing..