June 30, 2005

8X-day is almost here, the eighth anniversary of July 5, 1998 when the pleasure saucers were due to arrive and take Reverend Ivan Stang and the Church of the Subgenius members away. Visions, freaks and enlightenment, or something like it.

This takes place at Brushwood Folklore Center where I'm working for the summer, after coming here to wait for my saucer for seven out of the last eight years. They also host the Association For Consciousness Exploration's Starwood festival.

  • Meanwhile, Slackware is still going strong.
  • Oh how odd. I was just explaining to a friend tonight the nod from Slackware Linux to the Church of the Subgenius. Bob might make note of the coincincidence. All hail slack!
  • Oh christ. That should be 'coincidence.' Damn you, Stoli!
  • Whoa. This means it's been almost ten years since I first heard about "Bob." I was a hardcore SG for about two years; all the IRC Devivals from 1995-7, all the petty IRC fights, all the cyber. Never did make it to X-day (or the drills) what with the whole 'not being 18 yet' at the time. I wonder if Dave 'I am not the famous director' Lynch is still around.
  • Cobaltnine -- haven't seen him lately. But he's a funny motherfucker.
  • Man, that means I'm going to have to cough up my $30 or be left behind.