June 30, 2005

Clone Wars The year is 2007, and North America has been wiped out in an unfortunate attempt to boost cellular reception. The rest of the world must repopulate the now desolate land mass using clones created with the DNA from the publicly chosen Top 10 Citizens lists of America and Canada. Then, the world will pit the two bunches against each other in a glorious mud pit battle extraordinaire!
  • Bah. I wanna see Mordecia Richler v. Ernest Hemingway. The Jew wins by a nose hair.
  • Bah. I wanna see Mordecai Richler v. Ernest Hemingway. The Jew wins by a nose hair.
  • Thank you for both versions of that stinking comment.
  • True, Wolof, but I have to honour Mordecai's memory and his great works, and I think I made him laugh. As it stands I'd love to see Oprah v. Don Cherry. They'd likely try to out-merchandise each other. May the poorest sucker lose. Oh, wait...
  • MoFi goes anit-Semitic? Banninate! But can anybody tell me: WTF did Ronny actually do?
  • He became a figurehead for a bunch of people who decided to votevotevote until he won. Seriously, I don't care what your ideology is, if you really think he's the best we ever did, you're frankly a moron. If you think he's better than Lincoln or Franklin or Jefferson or Jonas Salk or MLK, I'm amazed you remember to breathe.
  • Reagan!!??? Voted greatest American! Arghhh. For what? Evidently, falling asleep during Iran-Contra was better than freeing slaves. *promptly explodes*
  • Crone wars
  • Koan Wars