June 30, 2005

Review: Juvenile felis catus
  • GodDAMN but that's good stuff! I love love love the comparison chart at the end!
  • This is awesome. That older model looks like he might need some maintenence and a little more exercise though.
  • Oh lord how I miss "El Diablo Blanco," the pure white deaf-as-a-door-knob Angora that formerly owned me. She was the perfect avatar of evil on Earth, and the coolest cat you could ever meet. Despite her evil nature, she fearlessly protect us frail humans from the horror of the plastic milk jug ring, despite its ability to grab her by the paws and fling her onto her back each and every time they joined battle. The evil red dot of lthe dreaded aser pointer also invoked her fearsome wrath. That cat rocked. I miss her terribly. I only hope Bastet has blessed her half as much as she deserves.
  • Oh yeah, that article was trĂ©s funny.
  • Heh. douggles kicks ass. Thanks!
  • bananas!!
  • This is adorable! (especially the kitten on standby)
  • I want to be a kitten reviewer when I grow up. And this deserves it own FPP.