February 09, 2004

50 Coolest Apes Ever! The latest in Year of the Monkey zippity-doo! (via Retrocrush via Fark, don't hate me because I'm a fan of the Boobies tag) You'd think that #48: Chim-Chim would have beaten out #39: Bear from BJ and the Bear, but perhaps this is more, in the Lettermanian tradition, exhibition than competition. Nevertheless? Enlightening and uplifting.
  • I'm so glad I missed out on the Year of the Cock tribute.
  • Zira should be rated much higher - she's the best of the whole series. But where is the Librarian? How could it be a list of the 50 coolest apes without him, though of course arms would be ripped off for the M-word.
  • The Luis Guzman reference is a bit much.
  • And the Louis Prima reference is a bit missing.
  • Ow, those blinking retrocrush ads. Mr. Astro Chimp is "comparable to chimps selling up to $6.98 retail. Offer void after June 1st, 1961." Imagine a world where the $7 chimp is a badge of quality, and where you can prefix Astro to any ordinary toy to give it Sputnik chic.
  • DIDDY KONG Killed Donkey Kong Jr., and nobody's ever missed him I miss him, with his vest and his ultimate driving skills. Also, I get no pictures. I want to see Curious George.
  • Hey, psssst!