June 29, 2005

For the epicurious goonmonkey A collection of recipes created by the Something Awful forum members. Virtually all of the recipes have step-by-step instructions with pictures. No whale recipes, though.
  • These are beautiful. I especially like the whoop juice and the mussels but they're all most marvelous.
  • But whoa, I just found this one which is really scary!
  • Thanks for spoiling dinner mygothlaundry!
  • Although, I will never look at the subway rats the same again... who knew tasty little morsels were scampering at my feet every day!?
  • Ha, it had to be a MonkeyPirate... Here's some of the leftover bits that aren't being used. Oh, thanks for that picture! I was wondering about those bits! *retches*
  • I'm just floored that they had real recipes and not joke recipes (that goes for the bbq rat, which is apparently a regional thing).
  • Oh shit. Repeat after me: DO NOT LINK TO SA! They don't like it.
  • Oh, and here's the whale meat.
  • Skrik: It's my understanding that this is run separately from the SA website. And you know what, it's publicly available, and there are a number of other sites that mention and probably link to it. If they don't want it being seen by non-goons, they should leave it their forums.
  • Ah... but only here can one learn how to cook a muskrat. Curious: why's it "motherfuckin muskrat"/"motherfuckin mussels?" An outside joke, perhaps?
  • No, it's purely enthusiasm. As in: "That's some TASTY MUTHAFUCKIN mussels! MMMMM!"