June 29, 2005

The Face of Hope. Birhan Woldu, once a three year old on the edge of death who became "the face of famine" in Ethiopia, has grown up to be a dedicated young woman, in her second year of Agricultural College.

Please forgive the second link in one day - sometimes these things come in clumps, and I was inspired enough by her to want to share it sooner rather than later.

  • Extraordinary and a good read. Thanks jb. Upon payment of $10 to the Children's Education Trust, your transgression will be expunged.
  • Birhan Woldu: Best. Name. Ever.
  • This reminds me of this. And I'll take this moment to say Brian Stewart is one of the best things about the CBC. Journalism can be a calling.
  • I remember reading a follow up piece about Sharbat Gula (the National Geo cover girl), but I hadn't seen those photos before. The pic of the doctor checking her out to see if she's the same one is kind of ick. Her one year-old Alia has a captivating glare too. As for the Birhan Woldu story, it reminds me of the photo of the starving Sudanese girl seemingly stalked by a vulture. I remember reading that she was able to pick herself up after the photo and go on to a feeding center, but I also wonder how she is doing today.
  • If only 40,000,000 or so starving kids got their photos taken and sponsored by a journalist and had famiousity and airplane rides to London foisted on them, then poverty would be history. The photofeedingtube.
  • is poverty, like obesity, genetic?
  • Anyone else see this in the sidebar and expect a picture of #4?
  • Fish Tick, you're not alone.