June 29, 2005

Wheelchair Girl (porn review) The kissing goes on until they are caught by Wheelchair Girl. Crying, she screams that she didn't know they were into such horrible things, and runs off. Ai and Sayaka pursue, only to find the dumb bitch has thrown herself off the roof of the school. The scene fades, and Sayaka as the narrator explains that Wheelchair Girl didn't die, but she was paralyized from the waist down (hence, the wheelchair!)
  • This might be NSFW but it has no nudity and the text is discreet, so, yeah.
  • Awesome! That's so terrible! Where can I get a copy? Er, pretend you didn't read that...
  • Someone post the torrent
  • The rest of the site is quite interesting; the experiences of english teachers' in Japan are legendary. Beware the kancho!
  • Damn. That is totally awesome.
  • Bandwidth Limit Exceeded...anybody got the Google cache? my googlefu not working.
  • Some of the content is mirrored here. I agree, it's a fantastic but strange read.
  • djryan: Some of the content is mirrored here. Yes I've read about the 局外者 schoolteacher. Maybe it's just me, but I find those episodes unfunny. I wanted to read the wheelchair girl part, but cannot seem to get through...
  • nevermind. I found it here, I think. Something I surely can live without.
  • Why is she in a wheelchair? What'd be the point of fucking a paraplegic with no feeling below the waist? (For non-perverts, I mean.)
  • She's in a wheelchair because she threw herself off a building after catching her two Japanese schoolgirl friends playing lesbian snugglebunnies. Guess she was mad it wasn't a threesome.
  • Who isn't?