June 27, 2005

Possibly the macho-ist watch name ever? Someone seems to trying too hard...

Especially when the review comes with fashion advice: "I get a lot of queries about the watch and it’s perfect with a black cord sweater, dark blue jeans, pea coat, and black knit cap." What, no leather chaps?

  • Yes, pathetically stupid review. Shallow.
  • Especially when this baby goes down to 1000m!
  • Haven't got a mobile phone? Simply tuck a banana into your waistband and pretend it's a gun.
  • *wonders what time it really is.*
  • Deeper than you think.
  • Anyone that invokes Mack Bolan in their description of who you would feel like... well, 'nuff said. The guys who this watch is ostensibly designed for are pretty badass though. Navy EOD and of course, SEALS might find this thing a lot more useful than some guy making a fashion statement and pretending his cellphone is a big, unwieldy revolver.
  • SEALS wear Omega dive watches. They're big motherfuckers, too.
  • Do they help them balance those balls on their noses?
  • I am so gonna sell my Manly S. Testosterone Mountain Reamer watch with Sekrit Decoder Ring and get one of those things.
  • "The lumed hands are strong, sword-style with excellent visibility" Is that your watch or are you just glad to see me?
  • Am I seeing the same page? The review I see has this little gem: This watch is like that bike - dark, foreboding, serious, and with a lot of attitude. but nothing about cell phones or Mack Bolan (wtf??), or black cord sweaters.
  • I'm not giving up my Hunglikeahorse watch for anything, thank you.
  • I saw the same thing as you, not-very-large bear.
  • I carry a cell phone and wear a watch, not so much because I'm obssessed about time (well, ok, that too), but because I love great watches. I'm currently alternating between this super girly watch and a vintage watch that was my grandmother's (it winds!).
  • I thought he said marc bolan (singer for T-Rex)
  • Man I need a TV when I've got T. Rex I'm a dude, dad...
  • I'm a jeepster for this watch.
  • I'm happy with my Swatch Irony, thank you very much.
  • I will bet you a HUNDRED dollars that this dude drives a big red Camaro.
  • ...and suffers from, well, you know.
  • Fes: Hee hee hee... we used to holler "Sorry about your penis!" to old men in muscle cars. Are you saying I should yell it at men wearing this watch as well?
  • does it have a built-in cockring?
  • No, but one of the buttons can be pulled out to extend the garrotte, a razor blade will pop out on the wrist side for handy restraint removal (accidental suicides not indemnified), and two sedative tablets are secreted in the underside of the casing for if the aliens forget before they start the anal probe.
  • *Gets out credit card / hums OHMSS theme tune*
  • before they start the anal probe. Because if you wear this watch, you're so heterosexual you'd kill yourself before you let anyone violate your anal integrity.