June 27, 2005

World Heritage Panorama Photography Site
"So far, they have covered Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Eastern Canada, China, Cambodia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam. This represents 15 % of all 788 WH sites : 119 sites with 700+ panographies."
  • Cool link!
  • Wow. Best link of the week (and there have been some very good ones).
  • I nearly put it in the blue but then hoped thought it might expunge my double posting effort here! :- )
  • err....I should acknowledge that it was via Ursi's Blog - a great site.
  • I think I just vomited on a church.
  • Not a bad site - seen it before. WHERE IS STONEHENGE??? I think the monkeys must be informed...
  • Feel free to add it to the blue too - I've happily crossposted. And poo-poo to the naysayers.
  • jb, you're welcome to if you want - it hasn't been posted there, I checked beforehand. But I'll wait to find something else for MeFi. No particular reason I guess other than the ummm challenge, but I won't just post for the sake of it (although I'm sure some would say I have in the past but you can't please everyone of course).
  • Actually, I think I might change my mind - I've found some other sites I might blend in for a blue posting. But it will be an overdose I suspect. Such is life.
  • Heh...actually I've changed my mind again - I won't post it to the blue - anybody else can if they so desire. But there's some more world sites at the UCBerkley website. LOTS of pictures. There's going to be even more uploaded on 5/7/05 - from a world shoot just the other day. They shoot according to themes. Also, with a focus more on N.America, try this site (linked with UCBerkley anyways) - although I haven't actually checked out the images yet.
  • What I don't understand is how the camera guy is in the picture at the statue of liberty.
  • ))))) Awesome link.