June 27, 2005

RIP, Paul Winchell , voice of Tigger AND Dick Dastardly, ventriloquist, TV pioneer, inventor of the artificial heart (version 0.1) among other things, skillful teller of dirty jokes, frank autobiographer and father of Blog Goddess April Winchell. (skillfully eulogized by cartoon/comics writer, pop culture expert and blogger Mark Evanier - who's had to do too damn much eulogizing lately)
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  • Also the voice of Fleegle from the bananasplitz, and Bubi bear from Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch! among many others.
  • And Gargamel, of "The Smurfs" fame.
  • He also had a television show in the early sixties that I just barely remember. I think it was called "Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smith Show". I seem to remember the as the lead in to the show Paul would get the kids to say "Scotty-wotty doo daa, Scotty-wotty doo daa, Scotty-wotty doo daa daaaaay!"
  • squiddy, that's Knucklehead Smiff. And the hour-long daily afternoon show on channel 11 in L.A. (and a lot of other stations in other cities) was called "Winchell Mahoney Time"
  • Good-bye, Jerry; good-bye Farfle (or however it's spelt).
  • I don't mean to get all anal-retentive with you, but Farfel belonged to ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson, not Paul Winchell.
  • So that's why so many yanks call their floppy-eared dogs 'farfel'. The things you learn on MoFi.
  • That's terribibble. RIP Tigger.
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  • Chyren - we do? Things you learn indeed! (I guess I'd have known if I worked at a vet's office, though. I've never personally met a floppy-eared dog named Farfel, but I probably don't meet that many floppy-eared dogs full stop.)
  • Oh, no!!! Seems I've had the pair of 'em mixed up for decades, then, wendell! I was greatly taken as a kid with Farfel; an animal puppet seemed a welcome change from the parade of Charlie McCarthy-style chatter-brats.
  • Tigger's pal, Piglet, has passed away as well. This is indeed a bad week for the Hundred Acre Woods. =(
  • How did I miss this post earlier today!? Perhaps I shall pull my Jerry Mahoney doll from the attic this evening and see if he channels any spirits. He is up in the attic for a reason... Thanks for the links wendell. Adieu...