June 26, 2005

Question and Answer co-op As of today, there are 95,136 questions in 1,124 "Frequently Asked Questions" files. Questions like "What is the best way to divorce a sociopath?" Lawyers will soon be an endangered species.
  • This is really great. I'd like it better in wiki form though, since that's what it basically is.
  • If a question is not asked frequently, does that make it an AQ?
  • An IAQ, I think.
  • Things like this generally help lawyers. People use forms printed in a book from Barnes and Noble or they get something online and then they try to file it themselves. I have seen judges make a mockery of such forms, scaring everyone else in the courtroom into re-thinking their decision to file on their own. Remember -- all judges and most legislators are lawyers. The laws get written by lawyers who want to encourage people to hire their colleagues. And the laws are then interpreted by lawyers who, again, want to help out their peers. It is a shitty system, and I bask in its glory.
  • that's a tagline: MonkeyFilter: It is a shitty system, and I bask in its glory.
  • It's too bad they don't have a way to rank answers, because some of them are not very helpful.
  • They answered it, too, in less than 24 hours. Impressive.