February 09, 2004

Spot The Fake Smiles. Can you tell who is trying to play you? (blatantly stolen from MeFi, with a smile, of course...)
  • Feeling oddly confident. 17 out of 20.
  • 16/20.
  • 19/20, and I wavered on the one I missed. Shoulda got it! Of course, this has nothing to do with my frightening social awkwardness.
  • 12/20 Do not send me to barter for bananas.
  • Woah.. 13/20. Better than I was expecting by the end of that...
  • 15 of 20 with a great deal of "yeah, I thought so..." at the end. I'm worse off on reading asian and indian faces, I imagine it's just a matter of who you spend time around... but having a Thai roommate and best friend for three years and an indian landlord for the same length suggests maybe not... anybody else notice any inability to read specific ethnicities?
  • I find them Chinee inscrutable.
  • 12/20. Not as good as I pride myself on being.
  • 16/20, but some of them were girls, and you can't trust girls.
  • 13/20....yeah, the girls messed me up too. They always do.
  • They were all fake smiles. The ones who said they were genuine were liars.
  • I got 13/20 too. I really didn't know what I was doing.
  • I am for some reason, unbelievably bad at this. Perhaps I don't normally judge people by their smiles. Perhaps you are right dng, a lot of the laughter that was said to be real, seemed fake to me.
  • 17/20 Woo hoo!
  • 16/20. But I already knew that I am often wrong about first impressions, so that felt like a good score for me...