February 07, 2004

Valentine's Day Cards For The (Dis)Enchanted. {via Boing Boing}
  • Starts Sweet; Seeking Sour?--Scroll South.
  • These are sweet. I was going to a valentine's day function tomorrow. Now i am looking forward to it.
  • Cool. Now if only I had an ex to fume at.
  • oh this is the bestest. just emailed to several sicko friends. i love the one about the heartbeat ringtone. heh. that went right to my true love. sounds just like something he'd say. thanks diz!
  • So tempted... So, so tempted...
  • Every year, I have counted on The Onion to supply my Valentine card needs. Unfortunately, they failed me this year; fortunately, I found an archive of some previous years' efforts. I think that these are retro perfect, which probably reflects my age.