April 07, 2005

Standard tap in phila This sunday at 5pm. Not to be missed!
  • Is everyone still coming?
  • take pictures!
  • Yes. Everyone. I think it's 3000 people .....and 20k mefi members. :D
  • first rounds on filmgeek
  • Actually, it looks like 5-10 right now. Going to email everyone today.
  • I got your email, but I'm geographically unable to attend, sorry. :)
  • I am extremely disappointed in the MoFi-ers, it was only myself and filmgeek (and he has dual citizenship).
  • Sorry, but Philadelphia is not even a tenth as cool as LA or London.
  • It annoys me that I've been to London eight times, all pre-MoFi.
  • fuyugare - LA isn't a place, it's a lot of places loosely tied together. Some of those places are cool, others aren't. I do love LA, but that mostly means I really used to like Santa Monica when its cool was hidden. Suomynona (or, as I say it in my head, sunyamona,) bummer! If we knew who the no-shows were, we'd be merciless in our derision.
  • You can find them in the previous philadelphia meetup threads ;)