April 06, 2005

The emotional final scene from Seven. Performed by stuffed animals.

I don't remember it being quite so ... fluffy.

  • I remember a version of this with William Shatner as the head in a box, but can't for the life of me recall where.
  • After a minute or so you forget about the stuffed animals and really get into it. That blue toy had it coming, man.
  • I have not seen that movie since it was in theatres. I could never get over the idea that they would take a serial homicide defendant out of jail. That blew the whole movie for me (well, that and the whole idea that serial killers are super-geniuses).
  • djryan: I thought maybe you were describing a bad acid trip. I was right.
  • djryan: The William Shatner doing "Seven" is from MTV movie awards.
  • Plus, I always knew that all Boohbahs were sick fucking killers.
  • This was a lot of work to do. But in the end, um, ??????
  • That Shatner clip is absolute genius. The guy is a legend.
  • OMG this was great! It reminded me of those cute toons where they re-enact movie scenes like from The Exorcist and Titanic with bunnies! I haven't seen those in a while. And the Shatner one was funny too.
  • Sadly it appears that the host of the file has forbidden future viewings of said movie. Wish I had saved it.
  • My drive's practically full but I had to save that one - glad I did. I can email it to you, Loki, if you want. It's 11.8 megs.
  • hikikomori, will you send it to me as well? I dropped you a Gmail. Thanks!
  • Hey Weezel, I didn't get your email. Do you want me to send it to the one in your profile? Will Hotmail accept such a big file?
  • This is a furry parody of the Hollywood adaptataion of Kurosawa's Shichinin no Samurai? I can't seem to get to the actual movie itself.
  • The video is back up (good thing too, I couldn't get my email program to allow me to send 11.8 megs) but you have to watch an ad before you can see it. I guess they were getting a lot of hits today.
  • I think I've watched Brad Pitt chew enough scenery, as a bunny or no.
  • is an adaptation of The Seven Samurai?
  • Seven is an adaptation of The Seven Samurai? (previous blank comment is due to me screwing up a tag)
  • No, but the title sequence is fab.
  • A Kurosawa compared to a Fincher here.