April 06, 2005

Partenia is a small, deserted region of Algeria. Ten years ago, Jacques Gaillot, the Bishop of Evreux, was summoned to the Vatican and told that as a result of his progressive political activities, he was to be transferred to the diocese of Partenia: a kind of euphemism for being sacked. Undaunted, the Bishop extended his diocese into cyberspace in the form of a multi-lingual web-site, where it recently celebrated its first ten years. Includes the history of Partenia.
  • Wow--I think this quote speaks volumes (bottom of the page): "Power is elsewhere. Other prelates take care of the affairs of the Church. It is just management but no decision. One is more interested by the Pope's health than by the state of the Church. The Cardinal of Köln said for the World Youth Gathering to be held this summer: « It is enough that the Pope be present. His only presence is a testimony for the young». The Pope has been made into an icon that is presented and moved around. The life of the Christian people deserves more." Thanks, Plegmund.
  • Very interesting. Someone who made lemonade out of the lemons he was handed. I'd guess he's the first web-commuter bishop. And, he seems to me to go back to the roots of the Catholic church, when the believers were all oppressed in Rome. 2,000 years later, it would be nice if the whole organization was as concerned as he appears to be about the issues the traditional church is so inertia ridden and bad at addressing. Thank you, Plegmund.