April 06, 2005

We are going to play at least one game. If drinking, you have rolled a six.

I'm trying to develop a polisci version of similar concepts for an independent study for the fall. Any ideas?

  • Maybe this? =) Okay, but seriously, couldja give more details? I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Point of order— LordSludge has violated the explanation rule. Lord Sludge should have 3 points deducted from his score.
  • Any person posting immediately after a valid point of order shall score 1,027 points and be absolved from any duty of making constructive suggestions about free-form rule-making games which illustrate concepts of political science.
  • Lord_Sludge: +5 for "Getting It" -3 for "Not Quite Getting It" Have a nice day.
  • Plegmund: -1,027 for "Self-Assessing." Candy apple grey.
  • +500 points for eating a banana. -300 points for flinging poo. I would be remiss were I to not mention 1000 Blank White Cards. (Please be nice to the geocities site.)
  • Mornington Crescent
  • Um... +1000 for flinging a banana, +3000 for eating poo?
  • Smallish Bear: +1000 for a new game Chrid: +Florington Present [You've obviously chosen the non-linear scoring path]. Point of Order: I don't believe anyone is keeping score. [Post point of order, Plegmund's rule still is in effect.]
  • +7 points for Mr. Knickerbocker for keeping track of his own score (Which until now, had been zero). Also +1,027 Plegmund points for Mr. Knickerbocker. -500 points for Mr. Knickerbocker for his third-person narrative.
  • + 700 for Pez, +800 for js, +0 for Lord Sludge, -600 for Mr. Knickerbocker, +500 for Chrid, -200 for smallish bear. The above are consequences of the "1000 points minus a hundred for every letter in your nickname" rule. -200 more points to Pez and Mr. Knickerbocker for use of the letter 'z'. A further -1527 for Pez for violating both the third-person narrative rule and self assessment. Which leaves Pez at -1020 after the +7 points he gets for keeping track of his own score.
  • +600 for Koko, -1527 for self assessment and third-person narrative, This game is stupid, you suck js!!! -300 for flinging poo, +500 for the banana she ate this morning. +3000 due to the "playing while you're supposed to be working" rule. It's kind of addictive, though ... ---->((( at js ... +1000 for each banana flung = 5280 including +7 for keeping track of her own score.
  • Arrrgh! I missed the Mornington Crescent! I didn't get it, but subsequent internet research has revealed the secret! It was like I was down in the tube station at midnight (whoa-oh-oah). So, +1000 points for Chrid for a new game. -4 points for Chrid for making me publicly admit my shaming doltery. Chrid's new total is: 996 points, Florington Present & Stuck in the Dollis Hill loop, should there be a call for a tie-breaker (a rubber, I believe they say in England where I am not from).
  • Fluxx A fun card game where the rules constantly change, and you generally have no idea you're going to win until it happens.
  • +1000 for yentruoc (New game).
  • +2 for waiting patiently to revive this thread, +4 for you for reading. (It has returned! Dum! Dum! Dum!...)
  • +e to Pez for threadcromancy.