April 06, 2005

Author Saul Bellow died at his home yesterday at the age of 89. (WP link, reg. may be required)
  • bellow the ground more like I mean .
  • That Saul folks!
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  • Dead!!! I didn't even know he was sick. Sorry, from here Sorry, self link too
  • And I never had a chance to get a bellow job!! I'm not as funny as i feel unusual shit.
  • Why is everyone dying lately? Bellow Hedburg, Shiavo The Pope
  • Culture of life, circle of death. Same thing. .
  • Honorable Floor: Yes, must be the water or something. Stick to the gin. Guess it's the passing of the Old Guard. That Saul folks! I never had a chance to get a bellow job!! Pepsi-->keyboard,for both, but Unusual wins.
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  • Caution: a grave subject and the sensitive should not read this! why do they...? they die because their number's up! some shit put poison in their cup someone dropped a boulder from the overpass they die becauser they shoot themselves or drive too carelessly and fast they fall out of windows and drop forty floors they mis-operate backhoes they inhale fatal spores and some slow-witted folk pour gasoline while they smoke they catch pneumonia they die of AIDs they choke eating meals they collapse on stage whoever they are they drop like flies and dies and dies and dies and dies
  • Prince Rainier too.
  • "Adventures of Augie March" was a fine book. Great style and lots of human insight. Humboldt's Gift didn't quite do it for me, even though it won the Pulitzer Prize. Oh well...
  • StoryBored: What about Herzog? A great piece of insight into the psychology and pathology of the 20th American intellectual mind.
  • HWingo: I haven't read it. I'll put it on my list!
  • Werner herzog died??? SHIT!?
  • Martin Amis made such a huge, huge deal of annointing [sp] Bellow as his surrogate father in Experience. I guess he's weeping now.
  • ActuallySettle, what's your point?