April 05, 2005

In Russia the government bans VoIP telephony In some countries state operators compete cheap services providers using lobby, pulling strings in the government... And the comsumers have to pay more.
  • In Soviet Russia, VoIP telephony bans You! sorry
  • So you're saying that big corrupt state bureaucracrats want to squelch free trade in favor of profiteering cronyism, causing consumers to have to pay more for stuff that would make their lives easier? That can't possibly be true.
  • Dammit, surlyboi! That's my comment for every thread involving Russia! Nevertheless, a variation: In America, you send voice over IP! In Russia, IP sends voice over YOU!
  • grr. thats the second comment of the day someone has beaten me to. thanks surlyboi
  • you know what this will mean. More complex emoticons, dammit!