April 04, 2005

Ifilm's best short films of 2004. I know I've posted at least one earlier (Fast Times at Hero High - I still chuckle), but here is a whole collection of short films to enjoy.
  • Any linux users have success with ifilm? It tries to detect players I don't have and obfuscates any direct link URL. *sigh*
  • Use this schema for generating the download links. If you see a link like:
    javascript:launchPlayer('2483385', 'default','default','ifilm');
    then you want the file
    These quicktime files work with recent mplayer from CVS, probably also with the most recent stable releases.
  • fuyugare, thanks for that. works a treat.
  • I would love to see Grayson made into a full length movie.
  • Ditto. But they shoulda called it "Dick".