April 02, 2005

Flash Card Exchange: The self titled largest library of printable flash cards. Everything from Spanish, and common legal terms, to Pokemon cards.

There is no cost to view the flashcards and play memory. To print or export them requires a one-time payment. The flash cards are input by users, so they may contain errors. I found this while looking for flashcards to help me study Spanish. Does anybody know of any other good resources?

  • I thought half the value of flash-cards was to go through the motions of making them yourself. Personally, I never found flashing useful for learning languages. There are a lot of contextual cues in actual text that are removed when you lift individual words into glossary lists. It's almost certainly more beneficial to flash yourself with words you've actually yourself encountered than to use someone else's wordset.
  • Fuyu: I'll bet if it's top-coat clad naked cheerleaders flashing while screaming out the glossary, you'd remember at least part of it.
  • I have always felt that for studying languages it is best to use multiple methods. Contextual clues in a text are helpful if you can understand the words around an unknown word. If not, then they are not helpful. Context is not helpful for conjunctions like though or because. Also in a sentence like, "I would like to order salmon for dinner." If you don't know what the word salmon means then context can only tell you that it is some sort of food or drink. I like to use flashcards, audio, texts, etc. when studying because I pick up different things more easily from each method.