April 01, 2005

Not your daddy's Superman. A collection of iconic comic book characters isn't new--unless they're all reinterpretations of the original characters done by prominent artists like Moebius, Alex Ross and Yoshitaka Amano. (French)
  • [This is good] And posted by someone named, "Astroboy", no less...
  • God, if Mobius doesn't just have the cleanest lines... Ever see his Citröen book? Fucking gorgeous.
  • WHAT?! No Rob Liefeld? Once again the French love Jerry Lewis and show no respect for this genius!!!
  • Ooops, second link goes nowhere.
  • Quite appropriate for Liefeld, n'est-ce pas?
  • Katsuhiro Otomo's Batman short story (in one of the Black and White anthologies) is bloody excellent. it doesn't appear to be on that page, although I might have missed it
  • [bannana] Now, excuse me while I piss on Rob Liefeld's work. Shortly thereafter, I will take a dump on Todd McFarlane for his role in the Miracleman saga.