March 28, 2005

International Pajama Day. This April 5, wear your PJ's all day. To work, to school, at home, while running errands. Why? Because "people cannot help but feel positive when covered from head to toe with cozy flannel, the warmth of fleece or the feeling of silk or satin. Pajamas know no boundaries, pajamas are nonpartisan, nonpolitical, nondenominational, and a plethora of other nons."
  • I've just just the thing. Gorgeous if a tidge tattered. Does this have anything to do with St. Stupid's Day?
  • Two questions: 1. Do pyjamas still have open flies? 2. Do you want to know why I don't know the answer to question 1?
  • Here an early mention of pajanas with fitted feet.
  • and of course all this begs the question, what do you monkeys sleep in? for me it's a tank top and baggy sweats. comfy.
  • Like PJ's description: Pink footie pajamas with feet that asplode. Only not pink. And not footie. /a sartorial disaster
  • *Bliss* Ah, tha's tempting... if only this month wasn't the most work-crunchiest of the year, hey, I'd show up in my silks (way too warm for flannels, these days) and take a nap at my desk, feet up, and watch the day go by the window. Aaahh. As for what do I sleep in... right now, as the hottest days loom near, not evn pjs for me.
  • I told my manager about this. So far, he hasn't seemed all that eager.
  • Please don't come to work in your birthday suit pajamas.
  • Some of the most successful parties I and my cronies have thrown have been Pajamie-Jam-Jams. We originally stole the concept from a movie (can't remember which one- I've never seen it anyway). It's amazing how as the night goes on a people begin to get a little drunk, they realize that they have never been more comfortable at a party. Also, I can bring my pipe, bathrobe, and slippers and pretend to be Hugh Hefner. Something everyone should get the chance to do.
  • It's rather cold where I am right now, so I wear pj pants and a t-shirt, with a fleece blanket wrapped around my shoulders. Summertime, it's often the tank-top I wore out that night, but no bottoms, just panties. And theres somwhat of an administrative dislike of pajamas to school, so unfortunatly I can't participate.
  • I own lots of pjs, because they're so comfy to loll around in. I don't sleep in them, though. I don't sleep in anything.
  • I'm retired and I sleep naked, so I'm just going to say that I ♥ Invisible Mermaids.
  • Considering it will likely be in the 80F range here by the time April 5 rolls around, I don't think *I'll* be wearing any pajamas anywhere, let alone to work... :)
  • Most of you are just professionals in pajamas" anyway. For me it's really going to be hard to choose between my pony flannels and my cowboy long johns! Perhaps I should wear my horsies? I can sooooo see Wendell in these! I'm confused. Will our Moneyjane wear her work clothes or not? Bees needs a pair of these. Of course, these are for the Squid. Somebody keep an eye on Pete_best. If he wears his Superman jammies, he better not go near any windows. Don't forget, animals need pajamas, too! Of course, cats already have them. Last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas, I'll never know. On June 14, you can protest in your pajamas. Com'on, get your ducky robe on, and hang out with your peeps! Can anyone tell Skrik what's pink and wrinkled and hangs out of your pajamas?
  • Doesn't anybody want to hang out in their pj's? I got bunny slippers. Want to see 'em? *sticks thumb in mouth