March 28, 2005

Terri Schiavo's Blog: So what's the sign that a current event has jumped the shark? Well Terri Schiavo has a blog now. So does her husband. Boy, that's classy people. Is that taking a personal tragedy too far? You bet is, but it's not stopping anyone. Can't get enough? Check out what's on Terri's iPod. And I'm not even talking about people trying to make a quick buck off this either.
  • There's also the inevitable PVS for sale/barter on Craigslist. One of the better bits of satire, if you ask me.
  • Heh. On my blog I posted a mixtape for her... (I'd self-link, but I'm shy...)
  • I wonder if the blog's author is also writing some of those comments.
  • What does Terry Schiavo stand for? Need Another Seven Astronauts. How did they know Terry Schiavo had dandruff? They found her head and shoulders. Why did Terry Schiavo drink Pepsi? Because she couldnt get Seven Up.
  • Ok, the iPod one was pretty funny, and I lack a soul, so I got a smile out of the two blogs.
  • These blogs aren't doing it for me. Lord knows I make enough inappropriate jokes (within a day of my mom's death I was cracking jokes, to the chagrin of other family members), but it's never malicious. These sites are pretty steeped in meanspiritedness, and although I can appreciate the cleverness in the concepts I just don't find them all that funny. Sorry to be a party pooper.
  • Terri also has a Livejournal: terri_is_risen
  • The Schiavo blog is funny. But then, I thought The Thrashin' of the Christ was a comedy.
  • Does Terri have a photoblog too?
  • No post saying "Ahhhhhhh Waaaaaaaa"? I knew the parents' lawyers were lying.
  • You know, I understand the comedic value of dead people who aren't quite dead yet. . . but how about the comedic and political value of assholes like Tom DeLay, who acquiesced to pulling the plug on his father? And then sued the state re his death, and later championed an end to the same sorts of suits? Tom DeLay and Bill Frist sought the spotlight. Certainly Schiavo didn't. Bulimics and anorexics seek to be invisible. Point your satire on those assholes who are wrestling for exposure.
  • Wow, people have way too much time on their hands.
  • Becki hunger strikes for Terri. Complains incessantly about how self-starvation brings out her crows feet. Pleasegodmakethisstop.....
  • She's hunger striking for a woman who's in a coma because of an eating disorder? I think she broke my irony.
  • I'm very bothered by this undue focus on Terri Schiavo the (shell of a) person. I didn't find any comedy in these fake blogs. In my opinion, this scandal jumped the shark when Dr. Bill Frist decided to diagnose Ms. Schiavo's condition on the Senate floor based on a videotape. Since then, the political side of the story has jumped many sharks, schools of killer whales, a tsunami, Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster, and the entire nation of Haiti. It is now attempting to circumnavigate the globe in one extended leap of horribleness.
  • Becki hunger strikes for Terri.
    she has my full support and i hope she sees it through.
  • As far as Tom Delay goes, goofyfoot, I completely agree that he showed his hypocritical nature when he sued regarding the death only to later champion limits on those same types of suits. But what happened to his father was much further on the road to incapable-of-living than even Terri Schiavo. His father's lungs and kidneys were failing, and an intervention of further life support would have been much more invasive and much more heroic than simply keeping a feeding tube. I think we can find many more deep and shocking ways that Delay is a hypocrite than to artificially conflate the issue of his father's condition and that of Terri Schiavo.
  • Six of one, half dozen of the other. I don't need to get technical on how many ways DeLay is an asshole. I just want his assholity trumpeted so he is defeated and goes down in ignominy.
  • But trumpeting something he did as asshole-ish that upon further investigation probably isn't only hurts our cause.
  • I don't think fighting fair is worth anything anymore.
  • Clearly, DeLay never has. Any shit you can fling in his direction seems worthwhile to me; he doesn't care about the fine points, and his fan club doesn't either. Burying him under his own flung-back crap is the least we can do at this point.
  • It is now attempting to circumnavigate the globe in one extended leap of horribleness. Done.
  • Terri's Blog is still being updated... from heaven.