February 17, 2005

Fuck dem' bitches! This is my first post ever and I am looking cute and feeling cute.
  • Bitches 'n' pimps? Perhaps I'm not the target audience here, but, bitches 'n' pimps? Hasn't this been on the corporate lunch menu for years and years? I'll click on something less overexposed.
  • You all may have guessed by the URL, but this is probably NSFW.
  • *removes haz-mat suit* It's a video about a gay superhero. No full-frontal nudity, but nsfw because of the lyrics. (The fpp titles are based on the lyrics.) It got a few chuckles, but I'm not male or gay. From the bio: “The Gay Pimp” Jonny McGovern blazed onto the New York scene in 1998 with his satirical mix of his character comedy and dirty gay hits and his fire continues to burn bright. In five short years Jonny has made his mark as actor, writer, musician and party promoter.
  • Fizzabulous!
  • Cute.
  • I saw this guy play at CMJ a few years back. I always thought it was a one-off goof show...thanks, I guess, for proving me wrong? Although now I have his theme song stuck in my head: the theme to "Beverly Hills Cop" with the words, "I am Johnny Mcgovern and I am the gay pimp and I am here to sing about sick gay shit" repeated 20x. (oh and yes this is my first comment; I've been reading for a bit. Hi.)
  • Hi holyrood!
  • Holy Hotcakes and holyrood! Howdy do!
  • That was definitely silly. And really, the term is Peeeeeeump. :)~
  • Hey whitey! How you doin'?