January 24, 2005

The Raiding the 20th Century Expansion! Last year, DJ Food/Strictly Kev released the awesome Raiding the 20th Century mashup (previously discussed here). A year later, he has released an expanded version. Collaborating with Paul Morely, author of the book Words and Music, the goal was to "make the definitive document on cut up music." Seems to me they succeeded.

Due to the high demand, the direct link has been taken down. Supposedly there is a torrent of it running, but I haven't been able to track it down.

  • I guess I should explain why I posted info about a file without any information on how to get it. A couple of my friends who DJ at Stanford's radio station KZSU just played the whole thing (it's about an hour long), and I was completely blown away. I was so excited that I even typed the link wrong at the begining of the post, so here's the correct link. Anyway, us monkeys are resouceful folk, so I thought I'd bring this to your attention. There's some interesting info on the project at the site, at least, even if there's no music currently.
  • Dude, I don't mean anything by it, but the guy's name is Paul Morley. No offense, etc.
  • What JAMMs tune was it...? (not working at the mo)
  • torrent file here scroll down and you'll see it.
  • It IS spectacular and much improved on fix. You can find an mp3 download here.
  • Wasn't able to use the isohunt link to get the torrent (database error), but did find it using another torrent search engine.
  • Son of a biscuit why do I have to be at work right now??? ................. Ok, I'll just download it and play it real low and hope the coworkers don't stare.
  • DJ Food is incredible. If anyone can find an mp3 of his work with Ken Nordine, get it (and post linky goodness for me). Awesome stuff, Ninja Tune is one of my favorite labels.
  • I like Food, but his past stuff has been too much sample, not enough beat. Maybe I'm a pot calling the kettle black, but I hope he's upped the beat:sample ration since last I laid ears on him.
  • This is even better than the first one. Thanks TheRoach
  • This is even more awesomely daring than 2 Many DJs ! The Belgian duo's "As Heard on Radio Soulwax" was excellent in that it had you dance to the strangest combinations. Yet this goes further into something that is both a funky treat (expertly synched and syncopated) and a daring conceptual object/manifesto. Thanx for the .torrent links...