January 23, 2005

Flash: Prince of Persia. I haven't played much of it yet, but it looks like UbiSoft has made the entire classic game available online in Flash format. Praise be to Jordan Mechner!
  • Nice. Cheers
  • Nope, I'm wrong. It's just a small redux. Still, it brings back the ol' memories somethin' fierce, eh? Ah, those wasted weekends. Well, weeks. Okay, months.
  • It's not very smooth, compared to the original motion captured animation. I believe it was the first use in videogames.
  • Ha! Isn't it pathetic I recalled all the key combinations needed to play in a second? Ah, wasted youth. And I see the animation as smooth as it was on my tiny MacPlus screen.
  • on my tiny MacPlus screen I loved my litttle Mac Plus.
  • litttle That means it was very littel. lotel. axalotell. I was kind of fucked off when the logic board went, though, I wished I'd bought an SE30.
  • Quit! Don't medley with my axolotl! Let him waddle down the middle of the table. We'll just nibble, settle soon in finest fettle, or scramble off to learn to yodel, or ramble off to earn some medal. Time passes, players, and it's best to fiddle like a rattle while you're able. Such is the course of the brave and noble.
  • Axolotls, with fishy gills. But secretly, they are wonders. When they drop those fishy frills, They're fiery salammanders!
  • Good to see that the controls still suck.
  • There once was a gilled axolotl With a habit of hitting the bottle When they said "lose the gills And head for the hills" He would burble and quote Aristotle "If I went a-metamorphoosin' For the drinkin', my mouth I'd be usin' Whereas living in style As a gilled juvenile I get pickled by breathin' the booze in"
  • *claps*
  • )) for Pallas Athena!!
  • Applause and bananas back at both you bards.
  • Brava Pallas!
  • how do you get out your sword?