January 23, 2005

Cryptome Eyeball Series - pictures of hypocrisy & reality. Be warned, although most of these look benign, I cannot say that some of them might not be graphic. However, I can say that this next selection IS graphic, so don't look at it at all if you are squeamish: The Face of War, pix taken in order to identify the dead of Fallujah in November 2004. Be warned, these corpses would make Romero gag, but we must see what war will wreak. More: Dahr Jamail on Devastated Iraq. The Tsunami of Iraq. To defeat war, we must see the evil that it has wrought. To fight evil, we must know the face of evil.

Exclusive: from the minds of the geniuses in the White House - the Iraq Exit Strategy Unveiled. All of these links I stole unashamedly from growabrain

  • I hope they're also taking teeth for DNA testing, because the majority of these bodies are visually unidentifiable.
  • I don't think they give too much of a fuck about 'em, I think the reason they are making the record is to record where they were buried. This is accountancy, more than anything. Makes me rather angry, to put it mildly. Every night before sleep I visualise horrible deaths for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and many of their advisors.
  • Thanks for these, Nostril.
  • Every night before sleep I visualise horrible deaths for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and many of their advisors. How is this statement not hypocritical in light of these pictures? If you believe the war in Iraq is/was wrong, and use these images as proof, how does the horrible deaths of Bush and Co. make any sense? Some get death and others do not. You decry the former and mourn the latter. I genuinely don't understand.
  • You do not understand because: a) you assign motives to my posting that are erroneous, b) you have pre-existing conclusions & will never change your mind/seem incapable of questioning your long held beliefs, and c) you are clueless. I wish monstrous death & horror upon Bush & co. because they are war criminals, responsible for the deaths of thousands. Although I am, most of the time, a pacifist, I still wish pain and suffering for them & consider it would be a just reward, in the same way that the electric chair was a just reward for Ted Bundy. That doesn't make my hatred of war an hypocrisy. It makes my hatred of violence & the death penalty an hypocrisy, sure, but I'm making a special exception for these guys. It's like asking a pacifist who lived thru the time of WW2 "if you hate the war so much, why do you wish Hitler to die?" It's a fucking stupid question, a non sequitur, so totally illogical it makes my brain hurt. You know that scene out of Clockwork Orange (I know you probably haven't seen it because your parents probably wouldn't let it in the house & I doubt it is a film you would watch as an adult, but no matter) where the main character is strapped into a chair with devices holding his eyelids open? He's shown endless films of carnage & horror as aversion therapy. This I would like to do to all those who support the Iraq war, with films of the wailing bloodied children, the dead civilians, the horror. Because these people, almost to a man, are stupid fucking automatons without a shred of understanding of these realities. I wonder if it would work? "some get death and others do not" -- you've heard of the concept of cause & effect, have you, f8x? This statement boggles my mind, as if there is no choice over the deaths of the innocent. You think that their destinies are written somewhere, out of reach, under the control of some hidden agency, do you? This kind of belief is indistinguishable to those held by many schizophrenics.
  • There's no point. You and I are living in totally different worlds. Trying to understand each others' points of view is like two aliens trying to communicate without a common semiotic bond. We assign motives to each other & only succeed in insults. Further communication seems futile.
  • Now now Nostril. F8xmulder needs to get paid by the RNC for posting here. Leave him his space so he can earn a living.
  • a) you assign motives to my posting that are erroneous Erroneous, huh? I perceive your motives to be thus: 1. to show the horror and anguish of war 2. to show that war is evil 3. to show that this war in particular is evil 4. to prove this administration doesn't care about deaths of innocents 5. to remember the dead 6. to fight the evil of war, and those who wage it Have I missed any? Have I incorrectly assumed your motives in this post, Nostril? I posted my comment in good faith and true wonderment. My curiousity was genuine. Why did you have to go and make it personal? b) you have pre-existing conclusions & will never change your mind/seem incapable of questioning your long held beliefs, So do you, Nostril, so do you. Unlike you, however, I admit the possibility that I am wrong about what I believe. And unlike you, I admit I have pre-existing conclusions about a matter. We all do, including you. Are you so godly and holy that you can presume superiority? But you do. Who made you the Paragon of Righteousness? Are your ways so good and right and true? I will change, Nostril. I have changed in the past, and I will continue to change. I will grow. Will you? No, I highly doubt it. You lack the facilities to change. You're so set in your self-righteousness you can't see that it's a cement block in which your feet are encased. You can keep on being right. Keep on believing what you "know to be true". It won't take you to a magical happy land where no one ever disagrees with you, but you can keep hoping for the best. c) you are clueless Well hoo-ray for ad hominem attacks. Don't EVER presume to think that my ideas, feelings, and beliefs are the products of ignorance and cluelessness. Don't you dare accuse me of baselessness -- You. Have. No. Right. You're a bitter, bitter soul, Nostril. You have no love for me or for others who believe like I do. You seem bereft of beauty and seek to tear out that which offends your dark nature. You thrive on pictures of the dead because they fuel your horrific worldview and fans the flames of hatred for people different from yourself. We are aliens, you and I. The difference is, I'm not seeking to annihilate you. Further communication does seem futile, though I'm not averse to trying. And for your information, I did see A Clockwork Orange. Would you like to bring my parents into this again?
  • "You and I are living in totally different worlds." Actually, you aren't. Any more than Americans and Iraqis. Which should be the fucking point, no?