January 23, 2005

Onelook This has been in the threads, but never featured as an FPP. It is, however, the best of the web. Somniloquy: 12 dictionaries. Subterfuge: 18 dictionaries. Wager: 20 dictionaries. Conspiracy: 29 dictionaries. Jester: 19 dictionaries.

Now, where's my prize?

  • Have some )))!!!
  • Someone give that man a pony!
  • the reverse dictionary is pretty cool.
  • More )))))"s from, too. A person can never have enough 'word' resources etc. I adore dictionaries. / sex used to be exciting too. *sigh* ..still menopausal.
  • Bananas, Skrik! 27 dictionaries
  • I love Onelook. Definitely best of the web.
  • pussy, 24 dicktionaries
  • Thanks, sexyrobot, it's good.
  • Fuck, I mean "Thanks, Skrik, it's good". But thanks to the robot also.
  • Could it be an aftereffect from moneyjane's FPP, Wolof?
  • I don't remember, bees, it's not like I'd ever smoke or drink before I posted to this joint. Remember, kids, your body is a temple. Use it to make music, if at all possible.
  • Wolof, you don't smoke or drink, but you have a (beautiful) baby girl, who probably keeps you pretty busy and sleep-deprived. So memory lapses should be par for the course ;) *have gone back to singing to iTunes music in her room*
  • ohhh, shiny me likes