January 23, 2005

The Teenage Roblog! Even if you don't like the new Nickelodeon animated series My Life as a Teenage Robot you may find this blog by a few of the creators interesting. The blog's made up of fan based stuff like exclusive art, official drawing tips, and pervy fanart, but the blog also has more general points of interest such as a subtle sense of dealing with higher ups, info about production, and an impression of the psychology of artists working for a major network. (via: Cartoon Brew)
  • Did I mention that this is currently Nickelodeon's most nominated show? They're showing all new episodes everyday this week at 6/5 central if you're interested.
  • This is the one show on Nickelodeon that I actually enjoy. Most of their other work is complete crap. I miss the old days of Pete and Pete...
  • could they possibly make the text any more difficult to read?
  • This a great show (even if it is a bit of a powerpuff girls clone) and a great post. Thanks.
  • more pictures for the non-believers The powerpuff girls are pretty derivative themselves and the only resemblances they can really claim to MLaaTR are basic elements of visual style. MLaaTR has better character designs, writing, backgrounds, jokes, and animation than any of the shows the guys who make powerpuff girls have ever put out.