January 23, 2005

Cross-breed animals. Love child. Never meant to be. But still really cool.
  • I want a Zonkey for my birthday, please. Or a Zony.
  • Yakalo
  • Different from the rest.
  • Super-cool. If this website was a couple hundred years old, then I can imagine the following entry: Whigger This is the result of a male savage breeding with a white woman.
  • oh my.
  • I'm very disappointed in the wolphin. I was hoping it was a cross between a wolf and a dolphin. *sigh*
  • I want a Chausie cat!
  • I was too, Name That Itch! Can you imagine packs of wolphins (wolf dolphins) roaming the seas? That would be excellent.
  • pffft! Where are the interesting crosses? The Pigolfs? The Gorrillos? The Armadilaplatioctpusses? The Squidhogs? The Catawumpuses? THESE I want to see.
  • This guy looks like he has a housecat's head on a leopard's body, and he's not even a hybrid. Weird.
  • I'm having deja-vu
  • Yup .. I am
  • LOL The Sanchurian