January 23, 2005

This song will literally make you want to die. Literally. It was played by NYC station Hot 97 until they pulled it. Sit back and enjoy the warbling vocal meanderings of two idiots singing crude, offensive lyrics about the tsunami.
  • What the hell. I didn't bother listening to it all. And this serves what purpose? It didn't make me want to die; it made me want to kick some shithead ass.
  • That was literally stupid. Literally.
  • this page has an address and phone numbers to hollar at. wtf is wrong with the people who think this is funny?
  • Degenerate fuckwits. Bring back public flogging.
  • What's worse is the even more severe assholery that ensued the next day when "Miss Info", who is Asian, made her displeasure about the song known.
  • Whoah!
  • Needs a lot more humor for it to become offensive humor.
  • Making the offensive song was bad taste; playing it was poor judgement. Both are common on radio. Viciously attacking a co-host who respectfully protests the offensiveness? Miss Info went as far as saying she thought her co-hosts had the right to make fun of whatever they wished to; she just wouldn't participate herself. But the idiots couldn't leave it at that. Un-fucking-believable.
  • just one more reason not to listen to commercial radio. especially any station that uses 'hot' in its promo. ugh.
  • I'd managed to avoid this until now. This is flat out stupid. I'll not be listening to Hot 97 after this under any circumstances.
  • Give Miss Info her own show.
  • Radio station pulls show over tsunami slur www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/TV/01/26/quake.slur.reut/index.html
    Jones and her team were suspended indefinitely, according to publicist Lizzie Grubman www.courttv.com/trials/grubman/070202_ctv.html, who declined to say whether Jones would feature in another show at a later date.
    why do i find it strangely appropriate that lizzie grubman is representing miss jones?
  • I thought this was a non-issue when it broke, as I don't listen to Hot-97 anyway. That is, of course, before I heard the clips regarding Miss Info, which is the part that really got me all riled up. The fact that Lizzie "I'll Park Where I Want To" Grubman is involved makes me think I'm still asleep and having trouble digesting that shrimp dinner. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to re-rig my radio so that I never get Hot97 ever again.