January 23, 2005

Christopher X Brodeur a "professional pain in the ass," is about to announce his mayoral candidacy. He's got 100 ideas ranging from free subways to repopularizing murphy beds... and he just got himself arrested for harrassing the mayor's office. Via Gawker.

"Each time they call me crazy, just remember: That's exactly what they said about Ben Franklin." I used to live in the NYC area, so this guy's ideas fascinate me. I can't tell whether he's a real idealist, a crank, or a kook. Any NYC monkeys have any further insight on this guy?

  • I'm not from NYC, but the free subways thing sounds like a great idea. Definitely an idealist, a crank _and_ a kook if you ask me.
  • verizon has got a problem with us.
  • If I lived in NYC I would vote for Chris X. No matter how mad he may be he is not as sick and vain as the pasty-faced adulterer Giuliani or as lame, sad and clueless as the golem Bloomberg.
  • I read the entire page, and on the whole his ideas make a great deal of sense. Some are purely subjective (allowing sculptures to be put up, balconys on all new buildings, more skylights etc...) but others are really very common-sensical. Why should the business districts have to pay for public items like benches and better walkways? He's right, it is like being taxed twice. Although I think if he did get into power and force all the civil service staff to start riding buses and bikes to work, they'd all go up in arms. And more toilets are always welcome :)